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It is a privilege to write a testimonial for Gulneer. She is an excellent dietician. She has worked in my practice in the past. I am writing to express my complete satisfaction of her professionalism. She is highly competent, professional with proven excellence in her profession as a dietician. She is a professional with integrity, honesty and credibility in the community. My way on scale of 1-10 is certainly 10. I highly recommend her.

Dr Sweety Kalra

Gulneer's Philosophy towards food is not that of a quick fix diet but more so a life style change. She analyzed my eating habits and created a plan to my food preferences and busy schedule. No food provided was off limit and I never felt deprived. I recommend her strongly.

Brinda Parekh

Highly recommend Gulneer’s Health Program, I lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks. Seriously!! Everything went exactly to the plan just as Gulneer said it would. I was concerned about eating so few calories per day but I felt absolutely fine and was even able to exercise as well. I did not feel hungry once through the program. I stuck to her plans and powered through 6 weeks and could’nt be more happier than before.

Lost: 10 pounds
Thomas, 40, Male, Leyton, London, UK

I participated in her diet for the first time and I have to say that it is worth making an effort. Gulneer is thoughtful, attentive and prepared to help you where you wanna be. She suggests small, easily incorporated changes and before you know, you would be feeling brighter, happier and healthier. She does not push you with diet, with too much or too little but just right portions required by your body’s need.

Edgar, 38, Male, Leyton, London, UK
Lost: 12 pounds

Gulneer helped me out tremendously!!! I was making a move to vegan and was clueless on how to maximize my proteins, nutrients and minerals without my mouth watering meats. She counseled me with healthy and nutritious vegan snacks. Furthermore, she is so personable, authentic and credible that it is easy to trust and follow her guidance.

Sophiya, 32, Female, leyton, London, UK
Lost: 14 pounds

I have had digestive problems my entire life and tried just about everything – changing my diet incorporating different vitamins, teas etc. It was not until I was guided by Gulneer that I saw lasting positive changes.

She counseled me with the benefits about Probiotics and the benefits of food fresh from the market. I also feel much better equipped to read labels in the grocery store. Thanks to her "Food is Medicine" philosophy.

Peter, 35, Male, Leyton, London, UK

My weight was increasing at an alarming rate because of a sedentary lifestyle since I could not take time out from my hectic working schedule and with this, I had cholesterol issue. My parents always visited our family doctor, where I was introduce to Gulneer in leyton clinic. She guided me with small dietary changes in my meals for every week after week and I started feeling better and lighter. Just with her appropriate diet plans and right counseling, my cholesterol levels decreased. I was happy that I lost weight and at the same time saw a difference in my cholesterol level.

Roschell, 28, Female, London, UK

I tried many of the diet program but I followed Gulneer’s healthy diet program. It not only helped me to lose weight but at the same time my cholesterol levels were brought under control through her plans. I recommend her strongly.

Rashmi Jain, 35, Female, Amritsar
Lost 10 kgs

One of the best thing that happened with me is to meet Gulneer. I am a foodie and on our first meeting I told her that I can’t stay hungry. She provided me with the diet plan, which included everything to eat. She also counseled me at every meeting and taught me about the right portion size, which would be appropriate for my body type.

Rajpreet Arora, 28, Female, Amritsar
Lost 15 kgs

Not only have I lost my excess weight but I have gained my confidence back. Gulneer provided me with the diet plan of eating every two hours. I have learnt the art of losing weight in the right way with her well-planned diet.

Harleen Roy, 32 , Female, Bombay
Lost 12 kgs

Meeting Gulneer, inspired me immensely to lose weight. Her diet was quite easy to follow and also removed my sweet cravings. She also provided me with the right kind of recipe for my meals. I feel so much better and I have gained my self-confidence. Thanks to her diet plans.

Harpreet Chawla, 20, Female, Amritsar
Lost 12 kgs

I am happy !!!!! that I have lost 10 kgs in two months. Her program has worked wonders for me. Gulneer goes through step by step letting you know exactly, what you can and you cannot eat. Her first week’s diet checks on how well my body’s metabolism works. You have to be diligent and maintain self-discipline. She also works out a diet plan with you, which you can do it even if you have a family to cook for. She also advised me to read labels about the dietary fiber essential for every day.

Meenakshi Sharma, 34, Female, Ludhiana
Lost 10 kgs

Gulneer has a wealth of knowledge and is very quick to respond to questions via e-mails. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight or just get on track with healthy eating.

Seema Chadda, 34, Female, Ludhiana
Lost 8 kgs