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Multigrain high fiber flour

This flour has been formulated for diabetic, weight watchers, for health conscious and for those who would like to bring a difference in their lifestyle. This can also be incorporated in the diet of children, lactating and pregnant mothers. It is also a valuable source of dietary fiber.

Ingredients: whole wheat, millets, soyabean, maize, oats, maize bran, gram flour.

Best served with curries, vegetables and gravies.

Allergens: This product does not contain nuts, yeast or eggs. Not suitable for individuals with gluten sensitive and soy allergy.



This curry has been formulated keeping in mind regarding health conditions of Indian population. It does not contain any oil with no added color and preservative.

This product is excellent for weight loss individuals as most of the curried dishes can be prepared by just adding 2 table spoon of this product with Heart Healthy oils like olive, canola oil etc or even mustard oil keeping in mind the proportion of oil required by individuals per day depending upon his/her health conditions.

This product is also best for people who are suffering from elevated cholesterol problem due to improper food habits and stress in life. Since there is 0% oil in this product, patients with high LDL have shown remarkable results.

Ingredients: Onions, tomatoes, cumin seeds, condiments and spices, ginger and garlic.

MRP: Rs 150/-