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Ever had an urge to know "Which food items do I encourage in my diet and which ones do I restrict?" or "What is best suited for me and what is not ?"....

Well, our Experts in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition are here to guide you through. A few advantages of our Personalized Diet Counselling are:
  • Helps in resolving all your Diets & Nutrition related queries and problems
  • Helps in selection and eating right kind of nutritious cum balanced diets according to one's analysed requirements.
  • Helps in preventing and controlling Weight gain
  • Helps in preventing, controlling and curing different diseases/ailments

" Human diseases are the result of Heredity, Environment & Food "
  • It is impossible to change Heredity
  • It is difficult to change one's Environment
  • But it is relatively easy to change one's Food Habits