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Diet in Infancy
The infants first year is the time of most rapid growth. The healthy child doubles the birth weight in six months and increases three times by the time the child is one year. Exclusive breast feeding should continue for at least till six months of life. However beyond 6 months breast feeding alone will not be able to sustain optimum growth of the infant. It is here that the transition from breast feeding to weaning takes place. Weaning is the complimentary feeding process along with breast feeding to fulfill the nutritional requirement of the growing infant.



  • Food should be made energy dense by choosing from cereals, pulses, milk products and non vegetarian foods that can be boiled or stewed and mashed before feeding.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be incorporated in easily chewable form as it adds to the nutritive value, appeal and taste of the food.
  • Food given should be easy to digest and hypoallergenic.
  • Food should be semi solid in consistency for easy swallowing.
  • Food should be prepared with minimum spices.
  • Food should be fresh, clean and prepared hygienically.
  • Food should be home-based and easily available.
  • Food should be given in small frequent feeds of measured volume and at right temperature.
  • Variety is important but only one food should be introduced at one time.
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